EU Helping Young and Women Entrepreneurs in Libya

EU funds programme to help young and women entrepreneurs develop their activities

Have you heard about the first joint certificate in Entrepreneurship and Business Development for Libyan students and alumni who have a business idea?

Watch the video to learn about this unique collaboration that helps diversify the Libyan economy by empowering women and young people to achieve sustainable wealth and create jobs.

The SLEiDSE programme invites bright, creative and innovative entrepreneurs who have ideas and want to lead a new kind of change to apply for this certificate on the online Libyan business school’s website ( The call for application will be launched in autumn 2019 on the programme’s website.

The Support to Libya for Economic Integration, Diversification and Sustainable Development (SLEiDSE) is a four-year programme co-funded by EU and France and implemented by Expertise France. It aims to promote the development of a dynamic and diversified Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Sector (MSME) in all regions of Libya, capable of creating employment and livelihoods for Libyans, and in particular for women and youth, through widely and accessible MSME support services.

(Source: EU)

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