Outsiders’ Battle to Rebuild Libya is "Fueling Civil War"

By Samuel Ramani, for Foreign Policy. Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Libya Business News.

Outsiders’ Battle to Rebuild Libya Is Fueling the Civil War There

In competing for lucrative reconstruction contracts, China, Italy, France, Russia, and others are preventing the conflict from ending.

Four months after Libyan National Army (LNA) chieftain Khalifa Haftar began his assault on Tripoli, Libya is closer than ever to collapse.

Haftar’s hopes for a swift seizure of the Libyan capital have unraveled due to stiff resistance from forces loyal to the United Nations-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA). Meanwhile, a panoply of international stakeholders—including China, Russia, Italy, France, and the Persian Gulf states—have become involved in the conflict, dragging it on.

Although some of these actors cite the need to slow the flow of migrants from Libya to Europe or the hope of stabilizing Libya as rationales for foreign intervention, they’re also motivated by the prospect of lucrative reconstruction contracts.

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One Response to Outsiders’ Battle to Rebuild Libya is "Fueling Civil War"

  1. kHAN 27th August 2019 at 5:29 pm #

    Good as General Haftar is supported by Russia and they will be much better than the back-stabbing Americans and Indians.
    The Libyans are now suffering from all sorts of Corruption. These government run oil organisations like NOC are the hotbeds of corruption. They hire Indians and Filipinos and abuse them and make them work like slaves while stealing their salaries. There is underground & in some places open practice of slave trading. The slaves are based on black Africans who are not treated as humans. The country is being run by several militias which can be best described as mafias. The mafia militias are making money from this situation & they control their respective turfs by going to war with each other occasionally. The oil companies are also acting like mafias as the employees steal from wherever. Power outages are common & things are becoming more expensive. These Libyans hate the westerners especially the Americans & silently vow revenge on them for looting their resources & keeping them backward. America & Italy looks like are actually fanning the flames of war & encouraging corruption.

    The Russian & IS supported militia members are being identified through intelligence & are being shot & killed one by one by the American backed militias. Many other intelligence organisations – like RAW from India - have sent agents who are working in Libya & gathering intelligence. These militia members together with NOC Oil Companies are looting the country while many Libyans are going begging on the road. Old women can be seen begging on the streets of Tripoli. While the Libyan oil executives are looting money with all sorts of corruption & taking trips to Europe on regular basis. Corruption in NOC owned oil companies is so rampant & institutionalized that huge fraction of oil earnings are going in their pockets. Many employment scams are being run where expats are being hired & part of their wages are stolen by these oil executives. Indian & Filipino nurses are being used as Prostitutes to gather favors from Libyan oil executives. Libyan moral values are going down the drain. What kind of liberation & revolution is this? It is difficult to decide if Libyans are victims or being punished by God Almighty. May God Almighty have mercy on their souls.

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