Libyan Cert in Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Libyan Chambers of Commerce and Universities create a joint certificate in entrepreneurship and business development

In the framework of the Support to Libya for Economic Integration, Diversification and Sustainable Development (SLEIDSE), a €7.6 million project funded by the European Union, co-funded with €1.050 by the French government and implemented by Expertise France, Libyan Universities and Chambers of Commerce of Benghazi, Gharyan, Misrata, Sebha, Tripoli and Zintan signed up for offering a 30h Joint Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Business Development to Libyan students and young graduates with a business idea.

This new partnership offers a 30 hours Joint Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Business Development to 90 Libyan students and young graduates across the Libyan territory who all have inspiring business ideas for Libya.

Based on international best practices, this mix of academic excellence teaching and business experience sharing is the first of its kind in Libya. It aims at providing students and young graduates with the necessary operational knowledge to start their business successfully.

In parallel, 6 Fab Lab of Libyan universities will be given brand new equipment (3D printers, laser cutters…). It will enable students with business ideas to prototype their future products in order to better convince potential investors and partners.

The joint involvement of universities and Chambers of commerce encourages that future Libyan entrepreneurs and top company executives move from the public sector to the private sector to create sustainable wealth for the country. It also highly contributes to improving Libya’s image at the international level.

Initiated in 2016, SLEIDSE project promotes entrepreneurship and economic diversification in Libya. It entails four main objectives: disseminating entrepreneurship culture, strengthening business support organisations, improving access to finance, and facilitating business environment in Libya.

Expertise France also implements three other projects in Libya:

  • European Union for Public Sector in Libya (EU4PSL), which is also financed by the European Union with €7 million, improves business environment in the Libya.
  • UK-financed STREAM project sets up an incubator for start-ups in Tripoli with Libyana. It is financed by the UK (€2 million).
  • MFI is financed by the UK. It encourages the development of microfinance for entrepreneurs in Libya (€2 million).

Contact: Hend Abdulwahed, Communication expert - [email protected]

(Source: Expertise France)

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