NOC condemns Militarization of Oil Facilities

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has strongly condemned the militarization of Libyan national energy infrastructure, following a number of incidents in the past week, including capture of an NOC airfield, the attempted requisition of NOC tug boats, and use of oil terminals by warships and other military vessels.

In a statement, it emphasised its independence and neutrality and said it categorically rejects the use of oil facilities for military purpose or political bargaining.

NOC has informed the Public Prosecutor of its intention to take all legal steps necessary to protect staff and facilities.

Eng. Mustafa Sanalla, NOC chairman, said:

"This illegal and irresponsible activity is a gross violation of our civilian mandate and must stop. These acts endanger workers, diminish partner confidence, and threaten our ability to maintain operations. NOC rejects all attempts to use corporation equipment and facilities for military objectives. NOC is the lifeline of the Libyan economy and must be protected from all forms of conflict."

Incidents recorded by NOC include:

  • The seizure of the Es Sider airstrip for military use;
  • Military personnel entering the port of Es Sider as well as attempts to requisition NOC tug boats;
  • The berthing of warships in the Ras Lanuf terminal and its use by Libyan military vessels.

(Source: National Oil Corporation)

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