Libya announces launch of first Polymer Banknote

The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) has launched its 1 Dinar banknote that will be printed on De La Rue’s polymer substrate, Safeguard®. This is the first polymer banknote to be released by the Central Bank of Libya, and one of the first polymer banknotes to be released in the region.

The introduction of polymer as an alternative substrate has been one of the most successful innovations in banknote development in recent years, accounting for a significant reduction in counterfeit rates worldwide.

Safeguard®, De La Rue’s polymer solution, allows for considerably improved banknote security, enabling sophisticated and robust security features to be embedded through design. The integration of original, technically advanced polymer design features ensures the security and durability of the banknote throughout its life.

One of the unique public security features of polymer banknotes is the see-through window. On the 1 Dinar banknote, the complex window design depicts Libya’s iconic resistance leader Omar Mukhtar (1862-1931), making the banknote distinctive and easily identifiable. The new banknote design also includes engravings of the Central Bank building on the front, and the Brega Oil Refinery and the Arch of Marcus Aurelius on the reverse.

The banknote also features De La Rue’s MASK™ feature, which is integrated into the polymer substrate, and has a simple ‘hide and reveal’ effect that cannot be easily replicated by scanning or printing and is highly durable. On the 1 Dinar when you lift the banknote and look at the pattern design the number 1 is then revealed.

The newly launched note also includes a complex UV design feature, Gemini™, intricate patterns, microprint and secure inks.

Commenting on the new banknote, Governor Al-Siddiq Al-Kabeer said:

“We are delighted with the 1 Dinar design and are pleased to be one of the first countries in our region to be using polymer banknotes. We would like to thank De La Rue for their continued support with this project.”

Ruth Euling, Global Sales Director for De La Rue remarked:

“It has been wonderful to partner with the Central Bank of Libya on the development of their 1 Dinar banknote, and we look forward to supporting the Central Bank in the future.”

(Source: De La Rue)

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