UK Envoy: Libya has "the Most Extraordinary Prospects"

By John Lee.

The British Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Libya, Sir Henry Bellingham, visited Libya on Sunday to discuss trade cooperation between the two countries.

On his first visit to Libya in his new role, Sir Henry said that Libya and the United Kingdom have an "excellent bilateral relationship".

He added:

"This is a country with the most extraordinary prospects. We could indeed see our bilateral trade not just double but probably quadruple over the next few years, particularly if we have a peace process that delivers peace ...

"We are one of only two European countries with a strong embassy team here in Tripoli, on the ground, with people meeting ministers."

(Source: UK FCO)

One Response to UK Envoy: Libya has "the Most Extraordinary Prospects"

  1. Gary Rawlings 3rd March 2019 at 4:04 pm #

    I very much agree with the comments made by Sir Henry Bellingham. Many companies in the United Kingdom would welcome the opportunities to be part of rebuilding Libya. The peace process is moving in the right direction, with the following statement made on the 1st March.

    (An agreement by Libya’s Prime Minister and a key rival military leader to improve political stability across the country through new general elections, has been welcomed by the UN Secretary-General). If that can be implemented then this will be a major step forward to allow many opportunities for the reconstruction to start in all areas of the country.

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