Urban Planners Trained on Geographic Information System

UN-Habitat launched a ten-day training course in Geographic information System (GIS) mapping on urban planning for 18 civil servants from different branches of Libya’s Urban Planning Agency (UPA) and six municipalities. (Benghazi, Ubari, Al Kufra, Sebha, Sirte and Janzour).

"UN-Habitat and the Urban Planning Agency are committed to pursue their partnership in order to improve knowledge and delivery on sustainable urban planning," stated Ms. Nada Al Hassan, UN-Habitat Senior Human Settlements Officer, Tunisia and Libya Office. “Through this Capacity Building Project, urban specialists are enabled to formulate informed multi-sectoral and area-based analysis at national and local levels, to plan the recovery and reconstruction of Libya within the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.”

The training course, funded by the UPA and taking place in Tunis, is part of the Institutional Capacity Building Project that aims to strengthen the national technical capacities in urban planning and development, which ultimately contribute to the ongoing national stabilization efforts supported by the United Nations.

The participants will put the package of pedagogical skills and technical expertise into practice for the assessment and monitoring of informal housing in six municipal areas.

(Source: UNSMIL)

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