Society for Libyan Studies - Grant Deadline Approaches

The Society for Libyan Studies offers a variety of different grant schemes to support primary research in Libya and the broader North African region (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, Mali, Chad, Sudan) and to explore connections between North Africa and the Mediterranean or sub-Saharan Africa.

Research may take place within the region, or be UK-based, depending on its nature.

The next deadline is Thursday 10 January, 2019.

The Society currently offers the following types of awards:

  1. Travel Grants (up to £800): for exploratory research visits. This award is open to PhD applicants at UK universities, as well as applicants who hold a doctorate and are ordinarily resident in the UK.
  2. Pilot Project Awards (up to £3000): This award is open to scholars who hold a doctorate and are ordinarily resident in the UK.
  3. Team-based research awards (up to £7500): This award is open to scholars who hold a doctorate and are ordinarily resident in the UK.
  4. Project Affiliation Applications.

For more information about each of these award and to download an application form, see below.

Preference will be given to Humanities and Social Sciences projects which fit within the Society’s current research schemes:

  • Society And Environment Across North Africa, From Deep Prehistory To The Present.
  • Migration, Diaspora And Identity In North Africa
  • Governance, Security And Conflict In North Africa

Special calls for other research themes may be issued at other points in the year.

The Society’s Research Grants Committee, led by the Chairman, Prof. Kevin MacDonald, is responsible for considering grant applications. Dr Saul Kelly is the external assessor.

For more information and to apply for one of the Society’s grants, please contact Pauline Graham, the Society’s General Secretary: [email protected] 

(Source: Society for Libyan Studies)

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  1. Mosbah 23rd December 2018 at 10:50 am #

    We thank you for your effort however the studies you listed are already found and for Libya we need studies that concentrate on future developments of the youths and how we can fix the problems that rise out due to the Americans, Europe and other countries destruction in Libya. Libya needs rebuild and to stop corruption and to give the Libyans their rights of the their wealth stolen by European, American and other countries banks and organizations. Stop playing games and come to justest points and say the truth ... we need compensation for all what you have done in Libya otherwise you must face all the problems for long run. We need studies for what happened to our society and our children during 8 years of destruction and illegal intervention . We need Libya as peaceful and healthy country....

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