Brega Methanol Plant Restarts Operations

National Oil Corporation (NOC) chairman Mustafa Sanalla visited Sirte Oil Company (SOC) at Marsa el-Brega on Saturday, November 24, 2018, accompanied by board members, Mr Jadalla Hamad Alaokali and Eng. Abulgasem Shengheer, and Mr Khaled Bukhtwa, general manager of the General Department of Safety, Environment, Security and Sustainable Development - to bear witness to the restart of the site’s first methanol plant.

Mr Sanalla and his delegation were received by Mr Naji Ahfaf, chairman of the SOC management committee, and other committee members.

The delegation began the visit by inspecting the el-Brega refinery, methanol plant, gas liquefaction plant, and company fire department. The NOC chairman praised the performance of the company's workers, who have succeeded in maintaining operations in spite of difficult conditions faced.

“I would like to salute you and thank you on behalf of the corporation and all oil sector workers for the great sacrifices you have made in order to protect Libya’s resources. You are an example to us all for preserving Libya and the unity of our people - prioritizing the public interest over that of your own,” said Sanalla when addressing the firefighters.

The firefighters replicated the chairman’s thanks by presenting a commemorative shield to Mr Sanalla in recognition of his role in protecting the unity of NOC, and Libya.

The NOC chairman held an extensive meeting with the chairman and members of the SOC management committee, during which plans to improve labour conditions at all levels and projects to increase production were reviewed, in addition to ways to renovate existing facility operations.

Thereafter, the NOC Board of Directors held its regular meeting to review overall corporation operations and key matters. The location of the board meeting is in accordance with the framework of communication between the Board, staff and local communities at different oilfield operations - taking advantage of the opportunity to oversee local matters up close.

(Source: NOC)

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