NOC warns of Lack of Security at Zawiya Refinery

The National Oil Corporation's (NOC) board of directors has alerted the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) and competent authorities regarding the recent lack of protection and security at the Zawiya refinery.

The NOC board warned that any continuation or failure to address this situation, to ensure staff and site protection and increase security, will affect ongoing operations and result in their suspension.

A number of criminal incidents have occurred in spite of the presence of the PFG and so-called 'Al Isnad Brigade.'  The most serious being the October 2nd attack on refinery employees; resulting in one employee being kidnapped (later released) and company cars and personal property stolen.

More recently, on October 10th a group of gunmen mounted an assault on the refinery, attacking industrial security personnel in an attempt to break open the the oil mixing facility for personal gain - stealing a company vehicle in the process.

According to NOC chairman Eng. Mustafa Sanalla:

"This situation is not sustainable, either from a worker security or production standpoint. We expect the most basic principles of security to be upheld by those guarding NOC facilities, and call upon the relevant authorities to remedy this inadequacy immediately."

(Source: NOC)

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