Rehabilitation of Student Dormitory at Sebha University

In a ceremony that took place at Sebha University, the Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) handed over to the Municipality of Sebha the male student dormitory after finalizing its rehabilitation.

The University is the largest in Southern Libya. In 2017, it hosted 25,000 students from 14 municipalities.

Years of conflict in Sebha left facilities at the University neglected and in a state of disrepair. At the male student dormitory, the SFL refurbished walls and floors, renovated bathrooms, repaired sewage and electricity networks, replaced doors and windows and painted the interior and exterior.

During the handover, Mr. Abd-Naceur Ali, Deputy Director of the student dormitory at Sebha University, stated:

"The rehabilitation of the male dormitory will contribute to the improvement of the students’ quality of life. It will enable those who dropped out of school due to the lack of resources to afford the rent outside the university, to go back to studying."

Earlier this year, the SFL rehabilitated two laboratories of the English Department and fixed doors and windows of the three other laboratories.

The Director of Projects Office at Sebha Municipality, Mr. Hassan Madi, said:

“The rehabilitation of the male student dormitory is an important step towards the reform of the education sector in Sebha. Thank you to those involved in the Stabilization Facility for Libya for supporting our Municipality.”

Despite the complex operational environment, UNDP continues to support Libya through various projects, including SFL. The Facility, led by national and municipal Libyan institutions, is providing quick rehabilitation of critical infrastructure and delivery of equipment to support local authorities to improve services to citizens.

In Sebha, the Facility has also rehabilitated the Sterilization Department at the Medical Center and provided a mortuary freezer facility for the Health Department.

(Source: UNDP)

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