NOC and Gazprom discuss Cooperation

National Oil Corporation (NOC) chairman, Mustafa Sanalla, met Mr Sergey Tumanov, Managing Director of Gazprom International, on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week conference in Moscow, to discuss joint co-operation between the two companies.

Mr Tumanov provided an update on Gazprom’s planned exploration activities in Libya; to be reactivated via its 2007 exploration and production sharing agreement (EPSA), following a suspension of in-country activity in 2011 related to the country's security environment.

Mr Tumanov outlined Gazprom's oilfield service capabilities, both onshore and offshore, and the company's desire to return to Libya and execute across their operational portfolio. Mr Tumanov also extended Gazprom's condolences to NOC regarding the September 10th terrorist attack on its headquarters.

Mr Sanalla expressed his appreciation for Gazprom's interest in resuming oil and gas exploration and production. Both parties agreed to hold meetings and technical workshops with NOC's Exploration Department to discuss open projects and the facilitation of the company’s return to Libya.

The meeting was also attended by Eng. Abulgasem Shengheer, NOC board member responsible for exploration and production, Mr Anwar Aghil, NOC production manager, Mr Daw Zahmoul, NOC Technical Advisor, Mr Alexander Kim, Managing Director Gazprom International, in addition to a number of Gazprom specialists and group assigned to support the company's return to Libya.

(Source: NOC)

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