OMV, NOC open Renewable Energy Lab in Jikharra

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) and Austria's OMV have installed and equipped an integrated laboratory and workshop for Renewable and Sustainable Energy studies at the Higher Institute for Energy in Jikharra, as part of the companies' sustainable development programme in the Wahat region.

Mr. Adel Bin Qabaliyeh, NOC’s sustainable development specialist, declared the renewable energy laboratory open and is ready to receive students for this semester. He stressed the important role that the lab will play in improving student academic achievement.

The laboratory complex features workshops, lecture halls, laboratories equipped with solar panels, wind turbines, solar water heaters and further ground-breaking equipment.  The head of the institute’s teaching staff and students gave their thanks to NOC in recognition of the corporation's social responsibility drive, and its commitment to match scientific progress.

NOC's human resource development programme focuses on supporting education and promoting renewable and alternative energy sciences across Libya, as well as the Wahat region.

(Source: NOC)

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