NOC discusses Cooperation with Russia's Rosgeo

National Oil Corporation (NOC) chairman Mustafa Sanalla has met with Mr Roman Panov, Chairman and CEO of Rosgeo, on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week conference, to discuss areas of possible cooperation between the two companies.

Mr Panov outlined Rosgeo’s oil service capabilities and drilling equipment at their disposal, including light equipment used for the maintenance of wells, and heavy equipment which can drill to depths of more than 20,000ft.

Mr Panov stressed Rosgeo’s full support for NOC and expressed their readiness to execute exploration and production projects even in the most challenging of circumstances. Finally, he extended his company’s condolences to NOC regarding the September 10th terrorist attack on its headquarters.

Mr Sanalla expressed his thanks and appreciation for Rosgeo's interest in providing services and equipment that will help to increase crude production and enhanced oil recovery.

The meeting was also attended by Eng. Abulgasem Shengheer, NOC board member responsible for exploration and production, Mr Anwar Aghil NOC production manager, Mr Daw Zahmoul, Technical Advisor, and Mr Ruslan Gorring, Vice-President of Rosgeo.

(Source: NOC)

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