Thousands (Men Only!) complete Oil Sector Admission Exams

Admission exams were held by the Central Admission Panel - mandated by the National Oil Corporation (NOC) - and other sub-committees at the Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute on Monday September 17, 2018, for admission of new students at the Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute in Tripoli, and the Specific Training Centre for Oil Industries in Zawiya, for the academic year 2018-2019 – Class 49.

The Central Admission Panel has assigned 17 sub-committees in various regions of the country, in accordance with the geographical distribution and population census, to supervise the 3751 students who sat for the exam.

“Examinations were held successfully and in very good conditions. I would like to express my appreciation to the committee member professors, for their remarkable efforts in the successful administration of the admissions process this year”, said Dr Ali Dhib, head of the Central Admission Panel.

The two training institutes use this admissions procedure each year to help feed into the talent pipeline of the National Oil Corporation.  The Admissions Panel produces a qualified human resource pool able to promote and strengthen the oil sector.

However, according to information from Hala Bugaighis, the Institute still only accepts male applicants.

(Source: NOC, Hala Bugaighis)

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