NOC, BPMC developing Alternative Plans for Fuel Distribution

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) and Brega Petroleum Marketing Co (BPMC) are studying the events in the south of Tripoli and developing alternative plans for the distribution of fuel should clashes continue.

NOC and BPMC emphasise the availability of fuel, despite violent clashes witnessed over the last few days.

A fuel supply contingency plan was discussed during an urgency meeting held on 2 September 2018, headed by Eng. Mustafa Sanalla, Chairman of the NOC Board of Directors. Members of the joint NOC and BPMC crisis management committee attended the meeting.

The committee includes NOC board member Eng. Abulgasem Shengheer, Chairman of the BPMC management committee, Mr Imad Benkoura, General Manager of the General Department of Safety, Environment, Security and Sustainable Development, Mr Khaled Bukhtwa, BPMC management committee member, Dr.Masood el-Lakeh, in addition to a number of department directors and specialists.

Mr.Sanalla confirmed that NOC would continue to provide all necessary support to BPMC to ensure stable fuel supply operations to all sites and stations during this exceptional period.

The NOC Board is closely monitoring events and calls on all parties to act responsibly and wisely, prioritising the national interest over all other considerations - in addition to ensuring armed conflict is kept away from all reservoirs and oil production facilities.

Mr Benkoura said that the company is doing everything necessary to provide fuel to all stations, and by all means at its disposal. He added that alternative plans had been prepared in advance to ensure the continuity of fuel delivery, taking into account other contingencies.

The meeting also assessed the damage caused by the clashes near the Tariq el-Matar storage tank, and discussed possible solutions in the event of clashes continuing. Mr Sanalla instructed requisite departments to take all necessary steps to ensure the delivery of fuel to all sites.

(Source: National Oil Corporation)

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  1. Dr Satya P. Bindra 4th September 2018 at 3:44 pm #

    OKYD Ambassador team welcomes and supports fuel supply contingency plan

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