Italy's Conte planning Conference on Libya

By John Lee.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has said he is organising a conference to look for ways to stabilise Libya.

At a press conference following his meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House, Conte said:

"Many of the migration routes from African countries concentrate in the Libyan area. But it’s also problem of security in general. Because, for instance, through the migration routes, foreign fighters might reach the European territory, agents who could carry the terrorist threat.

"We didn’t discuss in detail other problems. Certainly, it is our intention to respect the Libyan population. We are not driven by economic interest. We are not driven by the problem of energy supply. Our interest, and from this point of view, I can announce — but I already said that we are going to organize, in agreement with President Trump, I’m going to organize a conference on Libya.

"We would like to deal and discuss all of the issues relating to the Libyan people involving all of the stakeholders, actors, protagonists in the whole of the Mediterranean. We are going to discuss economic aspects but also social aspects; the protection of civil rights; the problem of constitutional process, of issuing and passing laws (inaudible) to enable Libya in particular to get to democratic elections in a condition of the utmost stability."

(Source: White House)

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