UK says NOC is Sole Legal Libyan O&G Entity

Mustafa Sanalla, chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), received the UK ambassador to Libya, Mr Frank Baker, and an accompanying delegation in the presence of Mr Salah Bin Ali, Director of NOC’s Office of International Cooperation.

The two parties discussed joint cooperation between NOC and British companies amidst current challenges facing the oil sector. The Ambassador stressed his hope for NOC to swiftly return to full production, and the importance of stability across the sector for both the national economy and Libyan people.  Ambassador Baker reiterated his country's full support of NOC as the sole entity responsible for the management of Libyan oil and gas.

Chairman Sanalla thanked the Ambassador and underlined the strength of the relationship between British oil companies and NOC. He further reiterated the importance of transparency and good governance as key tools to combat corruption in the country:

“Every Libyan citizen has the right to know where their money is being spent.  State institutions must embrace transparency and explain the methods of oil revenue disbursement across the country.”  

Arrangements for the past conference in Aberdeen were discussed; an important opportunity for Libyan oil and gas companies to knowledge share with British counterparts. The importance of visa facilitation procedures for employees undertaking training and skills development was also stressed.

(Source: NOC)

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