Stabilization Facility for Libya - A New Way Forward

Partners of the Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) met today to decide on ways to better support municipalities, improve the daily lives of the Libyan people, and provide services where they are most needed.

During the meeting, the International community and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) committed to improving coordination with the Ministry of Planning, establishing partnerships with Libyan national public service agencies, and pursuing more synergies with other international programs.

At the press conference held after the board meeting, Dr. Taher Jehaimi, Hon. Minister of Planning stated:

“The Facility focuses on restoring services in the most affected areas. Today, we met to review the activities of the programme and discuss ways to increase its efficiency.”

On her part, Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and Resident Representative of UNDP in Libya, Ms. Maria Ribeiro declared:

“This is an ambitious programme designed to help Libyans in the most difficult situations. Today we agreed to reinforce the SFL and align it with the SRSG’s Action Plan.”

The SFL is a multi-country initiative, which aims to help Libyan authorities serve citizens and build peace. Since April 2016, the SFL has undertaken and initiated 285 projects in Bani Walid, Benghazi, Kikla, Sebha, Sirt, Tripoli and Ubari, supporting infrastructure projects, power grids, health and education sectors.

Key outcomes of the meeting can be found here.

(Source: UNDP)

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