Malaysian Firm addresses Renewable Energy in Libya

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has met with the Malaysian company Bionas to better understand how the latest technological advances can be applied to the extraction of biofuel from the Jatropha tree to help combat desertification, as well as providing an additional renewable energy source.

Such energy sources can be used to support the economies and UN sustainable development programmes in the Great Green African Belt region (from the Red Sea in the East to the Atlantic Ocean to the West of the continent).

The Malaysian company also showcased technology used in the processing of sewage and water associated with the oil production process, thereafter converted to alternative energy and agricultural fertilizer, both contributing to addressing problems associated with global warming.

The presentation included a snapshot of how these processes could be applied in Libya in view of the importance of its strategic location in the region, in addition to the economic potential to reduce the phenomenon of desertification, illegal migration and to address key environmental problems following successful implementation in other geographies around the world.

The presentation was attended by NOC’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eng. Mustafa Sanalla, a representative of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord, Abdulsalam Qajman, Mr Jadallah Hamad Aokali, NOC Board Member, Mr Khaled Bukhatwa, General Manager of the General Department of Safety, Environment, Security and Sustainable Development, Eiad Azinad Petroleum Industries Manager and directors from key departments within NOC.

Mr Sanalla stressed NOC's keen interest in supporting and encouraging all technologies that help create sustainable development and positive environmental change, and raise the environmental performance of the corporation and its subsidiary companies.

He added that this is especially important when such projects produce economic returns that help to raise the standard of living and create new renewable energy and sustainable development jobs.

(Source: National Oil Corporation)

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