New Initiative to Enhance Security in Libya’s Oil Sector

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) is implementing new measures to enhance industrial security in Libya’s oil sector, following a meeting between security directors from NOC and ten international oil companies (IOCs).

Among those attending the meeting were directors of NOC industrial security departments, Zulaf Libya Company, and IOC’s including OMV, Schlumberger, Repsol, Wintershall, the Polish Oil and Gas Company, Total, STATOIL, Suncor, Baker and ENI.

Every Libyan production site will have its security situation assessed by a specialist committee formed by NOC and all IOCs; utilising an electronic monitoring centre and security officials from local and international companies.  Three working groups will deliver drafts for security incident reports, reporting mechanisms, and determine minimum security requirements at production sites.

Mr Khaled Bukhatwa, General Manager of the General Department of Safety, Environment, Security and Sustainable Development hosted the meeting, stressing the importance of security to the sector, and the focus afforded to both security and working conditions by NOC Senior Management.

He underlined the significant role played by industrial security department employees, and the importance of strong communication efforts to improve performance, increase cooperation and reduce security risks.

(Source: National Oil Corporation)

One Response to New Initiative to Enhance Security in Libya’s Oil Sector

  1. Freudenberg 23rd May 2018 at 1:23 pm #

    Re: Security of the "Libyan Oil Sector"
    It is nice, that "NOC" and "IOCs" had the meeting, IT IS OK - BUT NOT MORE.

    ATFIRST I BELIEVE OTHER POINTS HAVE TO BE CLEARED AND SETTLED IN THE INTEREST OF LIBYA AND THEIR POPULATION, otherwise the "IOCs" cannot work in the interest of Libya, like they and NOC want it.

    1. Settling the differences btw. the political leaders of the country, where it is possible, spec.
    in Tripoli
    2. Settling the differeces btw. the capital Tripolis and the EAST of the country.
    3. Quality -- boarder security must put in position.

    Above three points plus few others have to be settled before IOCs can be sure, that the steps of their agreed planning with NOC can have success.

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