Benghazi to host Oil and Gas Forum

The board of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) have announced the launch of the Benghazi International Oil and Gas Forum and Exhibition.

The international forum and exhibition will be held in Benghazi from October 9 to 11, 2018, and is principally sponsored by NOC. Local and International specialized oil and gas companies will participate in this forum.

Jadalla Alaokali, NOC Board Member, described the conference as a unique experience in the oil and gas exhibition sector, with NOC’s ambition for it to become a leading showcase for experts and scientists across Libya, and beyond.

Mr Alaokail expressed his excitement to stage the event in the city of Benghazi, as a great opportunity to improve the image of the city, and a chance for all workers in the sector to come together to demonstrate their community spirit and ‘family’ work ethic. Mr Alaokail added that NOC remains fully appreciative of the efforts of the workforce.

Mr Fadlalla Ehtita, member of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company’s Exploration and Production Management Committee, introduced AGOCO as one of the largest companies in the Libyan Oil and Gas sector and expected all involved to strive for excellence, given the event’s importance for the oil market and the exchange of experience and best practice.

He also commented that the Forum and Exhibition would also be an opportunity to revive the Libyan economy, thoughts echoed by Mr Masoud Awami, President of the Benghazi Oil and Gas International Forum and Exhibition.

Dr Nouri Flo, Chairman of the Conference Committee, expressed his thanks and appreciation to NOC Board members, for their continued support to bring this conference to fruition. He announced the seven topics that will be focussed on during the conference, namely:

  1. Exploration,  Production and Reserve Development;
  2. Maintenance Projects;
  3. Refining and Petrochemicals;
  4. Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development;
  5. Digital innovation in the oil and gas industry;
  6. Further optional subjects related to the oil and gas sector;
  7. Invitational expert speakers

(Source: NOC)

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