WHO and ECHO support Blood Transfusion Centres

With the financial support of European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO), the World Health Organization (WHO) provided Forty-two thousand (42,000) blood bags to the blood transfusion centers in East Libya.

These life-saving supplies are much needed and will be used for the patients in need of blood transfusion in the hospitals of East region of the country.

The blood transfusion centers throughout the country are challenged with a shortage of blood bags and other systematic problems such as lack of fluidity.

WHO committed to provide immediate and long-term support to the Blood Transfusion centers, The Organization is also working with the local health authorities on advance planning to meet the needs in 2018.

Dr Jaffar Hussain, WHO Representative to Libya, said:

“We in the WHO with our partners have made tremendous efforts to prevent the collapse of the Libyan health system, but thousands of people remain in dire need of critical health services.”

(Source: European Union)

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