Italian-Libyan Business Development Association is launched

By John Lee.

An Italian-Libyan Business Development Association (ILBDA) has been set up to promote trade between Italy and Libya.

Amongst those present at the launch at the Waddan Hotel in Tripoli were the Italian Ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Perrone; Libyan Government of National Accord Vice President Ahmed Maeteeq; and Khalid Chaouli, an Italian MP from a Moroccan family.

Italian companies in attendance included Cavagna, Sideralba and Emmegi, while private Libyan companies including Global Air, Artech, Mobiliaart, Dolphin for Gasoil and Al Sahl Group.

The new organisation plans an economic and trade forum for 5th July, in which several Italian companies will take part.

(Source: Ansamed, Italian Embassy, Notizie Geopolitiche)

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