UN assists more than 8,500 Displaced Women in Libya

UNFPA and UNHCR assist more than 8,500 displaced women across Libya

In order to respond to the growing needs of vulnerable displaced women across Libya, UNHCR and UNFPA, with the support of German funding, are currently distributing 8,517 dignity and hygiene kits in 16 different locations in the areas of Tripoli, Misrata, Sabha, Nafusa Mountains, Bani Walid , Janzour , Ubari and Murzaq.

The kits contain hygiene and sanitary items such as soap, shampoo, tooth-brushes and toothpaste, as well as other items explicitly tailored towards the local needs of women and girls.

Displaced women and girls represent one of the most vulnerable groups in Libya, where an estimated 500,000 persons are either internally displaced or have returned home following a period of displacement.

Often at the mercy of inclement weather conditions, and lacking first necessity items as a result of the displacement, sanitary articles for everyday use can constitute a major need for all displaced.

Beside the distribution of the hygiene kits, UNHCR and UNFPA seize this vital opportunity to meet displaced women across the country and assess their wellbeing and the conditions they are living in, in order to respond adequately to their needs.

The Agencies will continue to support the empowerment and protection of displaced women and girls in Libya, fostering their participation in civil society dialogues and ensuring their voices are heard.

(Source: UN)

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