NOC, Suncor discuss Effective Treatment of Leaks

By John Lee.

The Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, met with General Manager of Suncor Libya, Joe Smargiassi, in the presence of Members of the Board Abulgasem Shingheer and Al Amari Mohammed, and further executives of Harouge Oil Operations, NOC Financial Affairs and the Owners’ Committee.

Having praised the strong relations between NOC and Suncor and also the professional efforts exerted by Harouge Oil Operations (HOO) in dealing with all issues, Sanalla focused the meeting on technical problems facing HOO, including leakage and corrosion of the crude oil pipelines connecting Al-Naqah-Al Ghani-Amal fields; and possible solutions for their most urgent treatement and maintenance, particularly with 2018 budgets set to be improved.

Mr Smargiassi noted NOC’s achievement of high production and exports, reached in record time despite the difficult conditions experienced by Libya and its oil and gas sector, and complimented the leadership of the NOC board in overcoming the many challenges faced. Mr Smargiassi stressed that Suncor will provide all possible support to overcome the problem of leakage and pipe corrosion, in cooperation with NOC.

"We are proud of the excellent relations we have with Suncor,” Sanalla said, “which has been a distinctive partner of NOC with their constant cooperation at all levels. We continue to develop these relationships to support the joint cooperation that benefits the sector."

(Source: NOC)

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