Russia still planning Rail Line between Sirte & Benghazi

By John Lee.

Russia is currently drawing a map of the planned railway line between Sirte and Benghazi with a view to resuming the project.

Lev Dengov (pictured), the Head of the Russian Contact Group on Intra-Libyan Settlement, told Egypt Today:

"The contract for building the railway lines between Sirte and Benghazi was signed before the revolution of February 17, and all preliminary contracts have been kept.

"Currently, we are drawing a map of the line to resume with the project, and a series of meetings took place with the Ministry of Transportation and the Russian Railway Company.

"I hope that the project restarts and is seen through as soon as possible. We understand the importance of this project to all of Libya and Russia, and the bolstering of the bilateral relations."

The full interview with Egypt Today can be read here.

(Source: Egypt Today)

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