Millett: LPA Remains Only Viable Framework

By John Lee.

The United Kingdom's outgoing Ambassador to Libya has said that the Libya Political Agreement (LPA) "remains the only viable framework to solve the political crisis in Libya."

In his final missive before leaving the post after two-and-a-half years, Peter Millett (pictured) added:

"Now I hear talk of early elections. Decisions on elections can of course only be taken by the Libyans. And elections will almost certainly be necessary later this year.

"But as a friend, I have to say that, without proper preparation, early elections do not offer a quick or easy solution. Voter registration will take time, security arrangements will need careful preparation and a new elections law will be required.

"But most importantly, greater political reconciliation will be required, so that the result unites rather than divides the country; and so that all those who participate accept the result."

Addressing those who accuse him of interference, he said:

"The myths about British conspiracies against Libya never fail to amaze me. They are of course, rubbish.

"The idea of the British government supporting terrorism, extremism or the Muslim Brotherhood or wanting to partition the country and plunder Libya’s wealth are the stuff of fiction, not fact."

The Ambassador went to wish Libya and its people every success for the future.

His full blog can be read here.

(Source: UK FCO)

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