Corruption, Crime and Complacency in Libya

"Corruption is the scourge of countries trying to lift themselves out of poverty," says the British Ambassador to Libya, Peter Millett, in his latest blog.

"It holds back investment that can create jobs. And it holds back the development of institutions in which the voice of the people can thrive. Libya was rated 170th out of 175 countries in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index for 2016. The index shows that corruption is systematic in many countries, not just Libya.

He goes on to argue that the answer to these problems is good governance, transparency and accountability:

"... a strong government and institutions that can tackle these problems and provide people with the quality services they deserve; audit reports, independent media investigations and open debates that expose corrupt practices and individuals; and an electoral system that allows those accused of corruption to be held to account and, if accusations are proven, kicked out of office.

"Libya has the potential to return to being a stable, wealthy country with security, education and healthcare for all. But the economy is facing a major crisis. Tackling corruption, crime and complacency has to be part of any future government’s vision and programme."

Read Ambassador Millett's full article here.

(Source: UK Foreign Office)

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