EU, UNDP, Tatweer Research to Boost Entrepreneurship in Libya

UNDP Libya and Tatweer Research have reached an agreement to partner and invest in the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Libya.

This first-of-its-kind landmark project, part of a three-year EU-funded initiative to be implemented by UNDP, aiming to help local authorities in Libya to improve access to essential services, create jobs and commercial opportunities, and increase security for its people.

Stefano Sotgia, Head of Cooperation for EU Delegation in Libya, said:

“It is a must for the European Union and the international community to provide robust support to Libya right now. Libyan population can count on the European Union in its search of stability and resilience.”  

Noura Hamladji, UNDP Country Director in Libya said:

“People in Libya rely on local institutions which right now do not have the means to address their humanitarian and development needs. With adequate support, municipalities in Libya can better plan, lead and coordinate efforts at achieving progress where people need it most."

Tatweer Research, as the UNDP partner on the ground, will be in charge of identifying and supporting economic recovery strategies that will create sustainable jobs outside of the public sector.

Noura Hamladji explained:

“There is a significant amount of talent and human capital in the country and, if we can channel that talent by supporting the creation of jobs outside of the oil industry, especially for the youth and the most affected by the conflict, we will be making a significant contribution to recovering Libya’s economy.”

Tatweer Research is a well-established Libyan institution. Its mission is to foster a Knowledge Economy for Libya by nurturing its brightest young minds, supporting its entrepreneurs, and attracting international expertise and investment.

Khaled Elmufti, CEO of Tatweer Research said:

“We will work hand in hand with UNDP to nurture the brightest young minds in Libya; incubating the ideas of ambitious home-grown entrepreneurs; and attracting international talent and investment that can help us lead the way in fields such as renewable energy, climate change, healthcare and financial services”.

Tatweer has created the Tatweer Entrepreneurship Campus, a program designed to increase opportunities for entrepreneurial talent in Libya. Its aim is to take 30 start-ups through this program and to inspire another 60 start-ups during the next three years.

(Source: UNSMIL)

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    Well-done and God Bless you.

    I have a wide experience in this field and I am ready to help.

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