NOC Chairman holds Meeting with Repsol

Mustafa Sanalla, NOC Chairman, held a meeting with Mr. Luis Polo Navas Director of Libya Business Unit at Repsol on Sunday.

The meeting discussed the disturbances that happened last week in which workers at the Control Room of Ez Zawia Tank Farm were attacked.

The Chairman familiarized Mr. Navas with the communications that were exchanged with respect to the security breaches that took place at Al Sharara Field in the last few days.

The NOC received on Sunday a written confirmation from Brigadier Ahmed Alal - the Commander of the forces assigned to protect and secure Al Sharara Field- in which he asserted that what had happened was an individual act, an investigation was carried out in this regard and the doer of this act was punished. Then the field was safe and secure again, he added.

Sanalla confirmed that the NOC had been giving great importance to the security and safety of its workers in all locations and had been working hard to provide them with the security environment appropriate for their work.

(Source: NOC)

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