Sanalla meets Cmte Examining the Petroleum Higher Institute

The Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, met with Mr. Shaban Qasem Agha Head of the Committee Formed for Examining the Petroleum Higher Institute in Tobruk Municipality on Thursday 10 August 2017 in the presence of Mr. Abdalla Khalifa Alhadad Member of the Committee Formed by the Board of Directors' Decision No. (68) on 18/06/2017 regarding examining and inspecting the said institute.

The visit to the premises of the Institute in Tobruk Municipality was presented at this meeting in addition to discussing the obstacles that face the resumption of the work in the location in general and the extent to which the Institute in its current position can be useful.

The meeting also looked at the Committee's vision regarding the use of some of the existing buildings in the Institute's current location after conducting the essential maintenance and studying the alternative proposed suggestions in this regard.

Eng. Sanalla, Chairman of the Board of Directors, confirmed NOC's interest in supporting and developing the entire petroleum institutes and centers and its concentrated efforts to return the Institute to its previous condition as soon as possible.

(Source: NOC)

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  1. Ageili 15th August 2017 at 3:07 pm #

    That would be an excellent approach to post oil sector knowledge and experience ,
    previous engineers who were graduated with in that great institute were excellent for oil sector development and dependent on them for many years.

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