Bolstering Health System in Guwarsha, Education in Garyounis

In early July, the Jeel Al-Wa’ad High School principal, Mustafa Ali, received full of hope a contractor’s team, which will be in charge of the rehabilitation of the school in Garyounis.

“Educational institutes are a big priority for renovation,” said Mr. Ali. “We have to make sure that our youth receive an education despite the situation.”

Located in Benghazi’s western districts, Garyounis and Guwarsha were some of the hardest hit areas during the conflict. Thousands of families became displaced from the areas because of the fighting. Those who returned have been suffering from the lack of education and health services until now.

“It’s difficult for us to constantly make the drive to central Benghazi for any kind of service, especially in an emergency. Renovation of any public service building will really help our people,” declared a Guwarsha resident.

The clashes led to widespread damage to the public clinic in Guwarsha and the ‘Jeel Al-Wa’ad’ Secondary School in Garyounis. The two building are now non-operational. The absence of services is preventing more displaced people from returning.

“Most of our students had to enroll in other schools, and this really affected them. It will be a great achievement if the school re-opens and they can return to finish their education here”, said Eman Bennasser, school administration staff at the ‘Jeel Al-Wa’ad’ Secundary School in Garyounis.

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