Boosting Benghazi’s Health Sector: Solar Energy for Al-Kwayfia Hospital

“With the solar power installation, SFL is helping this hospital to help other clinics since we are supporting them with the money we are saving in electricity,” explained Dr. Anas.

SFL is also supporting the hospital with the construction of two new operating rooms which will include a disinfection room for equipment and a patient observation area.

“The improvement of the surgery department will be a huge step forward for all of East Libya,” affirmed Dr. Anas.

Among the hospital’s future plans is the opening of its intensive care unit, modernizing the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, and developing the surgery department. Dr. Anas and his team are committed to saving lives in Benghazi without subjecting patients to the exorbitant fees found in private-sector care.

“As the city begins to heal after the conflict”, he concluded, “We want to be prepared for any future medical emergency.”

(Source: UNDP)

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