Boosting Benghazi’s Health Sector: Solar Energy for Al-Kwayfia Hospital

“It is a great step and an entirely new idea,” said Dr. Anas Albarghathi, Al-Kwayfia Hospital Director. “Although it has not been done in Libya before, we were incredibly thrilled to have this new energy system installed in our hospital.”

“Doctors won’t have to stop an operation because the power won’t go off. Equipment such as the ventilators and the anesthetic machine won’t be damaged. The solar power system means a stable electricity supply, just what we need to continue our work,” affirmed Dr. Said.

Al-Kwayfia Hospital Director, Dr. Anas, has been leading the hospital towards more efficient and cost-cutting methods in order to cope with the health sector crisis in Libya.

“The renewable energy system installed in our hospital by Stabilization Facility for Libya will not only provide us with a sustainable long-term energy solution, but it will also help us financially in the short-term,” said Dr. Anas. “The 270,000 LYD annual electricity bill will be reduced thanks to the solar grid”.

Al-Kwayfia’s position as a key health facility comes not only from the vital medical services it provides but also for its help to smaller health clinics. After completing the construction of an oxygen tank unit in the hospital to reduce the costs of depending on a third-party supplier, the hospital opened this service free of charge to other clinics.

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