NOC Chairman meets Deputy Head of Statoil

Eng. Mustafa Sanalla, NOC Chairman of the Board, held a meeting with Mr. Fadel Hareeb Vice General Manager of Statoil on Sunday 18 June 2017 at NOC headquarters in Tripoli.

The meeting discussed plans for production increase from El Sharara Oil Field and the relevant problems.

Within the framework of mutual cooperation Mr. Fadel Hareeb, Vice General Manager of Statoil,  familiarized  Mr. Chairman with the Company's plan to hold a workshop on programs of reservoir engineering and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) at the Company's research center in Norway next September, which will be attended by some engineers from NOC and its subsidiary companies.

The sustainable development programs in the Company's contract areas were also discussed. Eng. Mustafa Sanalla urged Statoil to take the initiative and reactivate those programs, which NOC considers as  priority and  strategic partnership with the local communities surrounding the Company's oil operations areas,  particularly that those areas lack  many essential and badly needed services because of the absence of governmental development under the country's  current difficult circumstances.

El Sharara Oil Field, which is operated by Akakus Oil Operations, is located to the south west of Libya and currently  produces about  270,000 bbl./d.

(Source: NOC)

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