Martin Kobler Briefing to the UN Security Council

Mr. President,

We must move forward in supporting Libyan-led effort to find a durable solution. Without progress in politics, the symptoms of the conflict will only worsen.

Migrants continue to die as they seek a better life. Women and men in detention facilities and prisons live a nightmare.

Basic humanitarian principles and humanitarian space are under threat. Five hospitals have been bombed this year and humanitarian supplies cannot reach many regions in Libya due to insecurity.

The human rights situation remains of deep concern. Since March, 65 civilians were killed during armed conflict, some by indiscriminate bombing.

We cannot become numb to the suffering this conflict is causing;

We cannot compromise the basic principles that unite us, that make us human;

Nor can we afford to abandon our hopes and our desire for a better, more united Libya.


Mr. President,

Distinguished Members of the Council,

Finally, I would like to thank all the men and women of UNSMIL and the UN family. I admire your dedication I see in all of you - engineers, analysts, administrators alike. I know your work is often unrecognized. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to recognize you and salute your efforts.

My last message today goes to the people of Libya. I reflect upon the words of Libyan author Hashim Matar:

“Dreams have consequences. There is no turning back. A revolution is not a painless march to the gates of freedom and justice. It is a struggle between rage and hope, between the temptation to destroy and the desire to build."

Women and men of Libya, I am sure of one thing. You will succeed in building a nation, you and your children will be proud of.

Your sacrifices have been too deep for anything less.

Your communities are too strong to collapse.

Your hearts are too full of courage to fail.

Thank you.

(Source: UNSMIL)

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