Libya Quartet supports "Limited Amendment" of Political Agreement

9. The Quartet similarly welcomed the appointment of dialogue committees by both the House of Representatives and the High State Council and urged them to seek consensus on outstanding issues to ensure the full implementation of the Libyan Political Agreement. It reiterated its commitment to support these efforts and to work in a complementary manner to advance the UN-facilitated political process towards a comprehensive resolution of the crisis in Libya.

10. The Quartet expressed its appreciation for ongoing regional efforts to support the Libyan political process. It welcomed the final communique of the 11th meeting of Libya's Neighbours held in Algiers on 8th May 2017, which reaffirmed support for a comprehensive political solution based on the Libyan Political Agreement.

11. The Quartet expressed its concern about the economic situation in Libya, underlining the need for the Libyan authorities to tackle the serious and urgent fiscal and monetary challenges facing the country. It encouraged all concerned stakeholders – in particular the Central Bank and the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord – to further cooperate and address these challenges, including through reforms, as developed within the framework of the Economic Dialogue.

12. The Quartet reiterated its support to the coordination role of the UN and encouraged the UN to take the lead in any effort to facilitate a limited amendment of the Libyan Political Agreement including the development and facilitation of a roadmap charting the way to a limited set of amendments to the Libyan Political Agreement, which are to be agreed as a package deal through a Libyan-led inclusive process. The Quartet also welcomed the series of activities and events convened by the UN to facilitate a national reconciliation process in Libya.

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