Tankers Seized after Shootout at Sea

By John Lee.

Libya's coastguard has reportedly seized two foreign-flagged tankers for allegedly smuggling oil.

Following an hours-long gun battle off the coast, near Zuwara, the coastguard boarded the two tankers.

One vessel, the 'Ruta', was flying the Ukrainian flag, while the other, the 'Stark', flew the Congolese flag.

(Source: Al Jazeera)

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  1. Jim Pagan 2nd May 2017 at 5:56 pm #

    NATO Helped Libya? and Pigs can fly. The British been stealin all the years so as the Italians.

    NATO NEVER HELPED ANY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY Distroyed the best country in the history of the world and assasinated their leader. That is how Democracy works

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