Sharara Oilfield Reopens

The National Oil Corporation (NOC), Zintan Elders Council, and Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) have welcomed a new accord to reopen unconditionally the blockaded Sharara oil field, restoring over 200,000 barrels per day of Libyan oil production with immediate effect.

This will also allow reopening of the El Feel [El Fil, Elephant] oil field, which produces 80,000 bpd.

NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla commented:

This is intended to be a lasting solution. We have agreed to the lifting of force majeure only on the condition that no extortion payments are made to the blockaders now or in the future. With the support of the PFG and Zintan Tribes Elders Council leadership, we as a nation can put an end to the blockade as a scourge of our society.

Mr. Mohamed Al Najah, Member of Zintan Tribes Elders Council, said:

The blockade of oil production is a hostile act and against the Libyan people. It is divisive and harms us all. Zintan tribes have declared its absolute objection to all who abuse the Libyan people’s wealth.

Idriss Abou Khamada, the commander of the PFG, added:

“The Petroleum Facilities Guard is a professional body whose job is to protect Libya’s oil assets., It needs to be part of the solution, so I am going to ask the Presidency Council today to transfer the PFG to the administrative control of NOC. This will ensure these two organizations share the same objectives.”

The said parties appealed to the Central Bank and the Presidency Council to affirm publicly that they would not make payments to blockaders under any circumstances.

If they were to do so, the problem of blockades would be quickly behind us and we could look to build a political settlement on a solid economic base,” said Sanalla. “We need to build on this progress,” he added.

This accord must be the basis of a permanent solution,” said Abou Khamada. “Libya’s oil is central to our economy, and it is vital it is allowed to flow freely.

(Source: NOC)

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