DTM Libya holds Coordination Meetings

IOM’s DTM Libya program wrapped up two coordination meetings in Tunis on the 27 and 28 March for its Mobility Tracking and Flow Monitoring data collection teams. These were the latest in a series of activities and publications from the program in the last two weeks.

The meetings provided an opportunity for field enumerators and team leaders based in the East, West and South of the country to meet in person, exchange information, discuss challenges they face in their data collection efforts and work on solutions to overcome them and arrive at a representative picture of mobility and displacement dynamics in Libya. The meetings facilitated the exchange of innovative ideas and good practices for maintaining quality and accuracy in the data DTM collects.

As one of the team leaders noted, “there is a lot of incorrect information out there on the situation of migrants in Libya, and DTM reports help clarify the reality on the ground as it is.”

The two meetings come in tandem with two new publications released by DTM over the past week. The first, a brief migration analysis published on 24 March analyzes regional migration flows across Niger, Libya and Italy relying on data from DTM and the Italian Ministry of Interior.

DTM Libya followed with a Flow Monitoring Statistical Report published on March 27, presenting data on migrant flows in the country between 15 December and 15 February. This was the first report where data was collected using the prorgramme’s updated 2017 methodology, which gathers more granulated data on migrants at key Flow Monitoring Points.

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