LNA resumes Pre-Emptive Airstrikes in the Oil Crescent

Following a number of indicators that a new offensive against the oil crescent was being planned, the Libyan National Army (LNA) resumed pre-emptive airstrikes last week against targets in Jufra and Mabruk oilfield.

It is understood that both BDB and GNA MoD 12 Brigade were targeted in a series of strikes starting on 09 February.

The operation has not gone entirely LNA’s way however. On 10 February, a Mi35 multi-purpose attack helicopter came down near Mabruk after it had conducted an airstrike against a BDB column moving through the area.

BDB claimed responsibility. On 14 February the BDB claimed to be in possession of the body of one of the three crewmen who died in the crash, despite the LNA claims that the bodies had been taken back to their families.

The BDB attempted to use the body as leverage, stating they would refuse to return him and deny a proper burial unless aid was sent into Ganfouda.

(Source: GardaWorld)

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