Weekly Security Report by Janus Global Operations 31 January 2017

This week on the political front has seen the Libyan Dialogue Committee call for the appointment of a new head of the country’s Government of National Accord (GNA). The committee insisted that the new leader must not be from the Governments Presidential Council and that the number of the council must also be reduced. The two-day meeting was attended by signatories of the 2015 Skhirat Agreement, members of the Libya’s Tripoli based state council and other political figures. However, UN Libya Envoy Martin Kobler refrained from the meeting, along with lawmakers from country’s rival Tobruk based government, the House of Representatives (HOR).

A UNSMIL delegation visited the Tobruk based Government ‘’the HoR’’ for talks with HoR representatives who opposed the Libyan Political Agreement. It was reported that discussions included, possible modifications to the LPA, although it was reported that an UNSMIL representative had described it more of a listening exercise. Some members remain resistant to anything to do with the LPA, it was reported that others ‘’genuinely want to move forward on their own terms’’ in bringing about peace and reconciliation to Libya.

A statement posted on the Misrata Municipality’s Facebook page made a statement to the fact that ‘’ The Military Council of Misrata has declared that all of the city’s armed forces and brigades have joined the Command of the Central Military Zone Command as per the laws of the military in the country. It added that all of the Brigade’s fighters and military leaders from Misrata are now part of the central military zone and will therefore be ready to be trained by the command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) in the area. According to sources, this step adds much weight to the Libyan National Army of the Central Military Zone as the brigades that decided to join it are the most heavily-armed ones in Libya.

Tripoli has seen clashes break out between rival militias of Sharukhan and a group affiliated with Mustafa Nouh. It was reported that heavy machine guns were used, but no casualties were reported. Whilst in the areas of Az Zawiyah and Al Ajaylat, further rival Militia clashes took place. No casualties were reported in Az Zawiyah, however there were reports of 7 dead and 22 others injured in Al Ajaylat.

The capital, once again, continued to suffer from prolonged power outages. Charcoal and wood have been used to compensate for the 77% power deficiencies that the overall power network suffers. This has also lead to incidents of looting station equipment.

Sirte has remained quiet with reports coming through of displaced families starting to return to their homes under the guidance of the security forces. However, on Thursday Presidential Militias clashed with Daesh Militants during a search operation southwest of Sirte killing 4 Militants. Reports received that 2 Daesh Militants were also detained in the clashes. Further reports received from Sirte during the reporting week that Presidential Militias had recovered over 90 bodies of Daesh Militants in the south-western area of the city. It was stated that the bodies were casualties of the US airstrikes.

Whilst in the east of Libya, Benghazi witnessed another car bomb exploding in the Jamal Abdulnaser Street near to an area called the military shops in downtown Benghazi. It was reported that the explosion was due to an explosive device in a car near to the shops in Abdulnaser Street. This is now the second Vehicle Bourne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) in the space of two weeks. Further reports received indicated that the Libyan National Army (LNA) have taken complete control over the long-contested district of ‘’Ganfouda’’ some 15 kilometres west of the city. Medical sources reported that 30 forces of the LNA had been killed and 25 others wounded during the 2 days of fighting.


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