Mellitah Tender for Supply Vessels to Bouri Field

The Mellitah Oil & Gas Company (Libyan Branch) intends to issue the tender below and wishes to invite reputable, interested and experienced contractors specialized in providing similar services for pre-qualification. The Pre-Qualification submission will be evaluated for establishing the Bidders List for the said tender.

TENDER NO. (832)

Provision of Supply Vessels to Bouri Field.


To provide supply vessel services for Bouri

Field at water depth 200m for supporting production and drilling platforms in activities including standby and fire fighting, anchor handling, tankers mooring operations with the following category:

- Anchor handling (AHTS).

- Supply Vessel "PSV"

- Tug Multipurpose (MPAH).


Interested companies for the above tender shall satisfy the stipulated requirements and submit the required information below. Failure to submit any of the listed documents will render automatic disqualification:

1. Letter on Company's letterhead addressed to the "Contracts Department Manager (Oil Branch)" stating expression of interest on the respective tender.

2. Copy of Company Registration in Libya, if already registered, or details of Branch Office, Representative or Agent in Libya.

3. Company Profile with full details of similar contracts performed with relevant and verifiable Reference List of Clients where the works had been undertaken, literature/catalogue of the entire range of the work/service/equipment and any additional information that will enhance the potential of the applicant /consortium.

4. Submission of Financial Status document of the Company turnover for the last 3 years and the Organization Chart.

5. ISO 9001 Certificate.

6. Valid copy of Company Registration in Libya, if already registered, or details of Branch Office, Representative or Agent in Libya and Tax Department declaration.

7. Mellitah Oil & Gas has the right to exclude any submission which does not meet the above stipulated requirements.

8. Two copies of the Prequalification Documents containing the above stated requirements shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and marked:

TENDER No. (832)

Provision of Supply Vessels for Bouri Field

And submitted to the following address:

Contracts Department Manager(Oil Branch)

Mellitah Oil & Gas Company B. V

(Libyan Branch)

Dahra Kebira Street, P.O. Box 346,

Tripoli, Libya

Or the submission can be made by email to the following E-mail address:

[email protected]

9. The prequalification documents shall be submitted not later than 9/2/2017.

Important Notes:

1. The pre- qualification request is not an invitation to tender. Company is neither committed nor obligated to undertake the work described above or to issue any call for tender or to include any respondent to this invitation or other company on any Bidders List or to award any form of contract.

2. The Invitation to Tender (ITT) Package will only be issued to qualified companies that have been pre-qualified.

3. Company will not be responsible for whatsoever costs incurred for preparation and submission presented in response to this notice.

4. Company shall deal only with authorized officers of the bidding companies and not through individuals or agents.

5. Company shall not consider any pre- qualification request all the Conditions been provided as resolution (207), 2012 from the economic minister .

(Source: NOC)

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