Deputy Prime Minister Resigns, Citing Failure of GNA

By Adam Nathan.

One of the deputy prime ministers of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has resigned, claiming that the UN-backed body has failed to resolve the crises facing Libya.

In a televised statement, Musa al-Koni, from Southern Libya, told reporters:

"We failed to solve citizens' everyday problems, and the problems have increased since we entered the country and unsolved problems have accumulated."

According to Libya Herald, Interior Minister Arif Khojja and Planning Minister Al-Hadi Al-Juhaimi have also resigned.

In the absence of Prime Minister Serraj, another Deputy Prime Minister, Fathi Al-Mijabri [Fathi Majrbi, Fathi Al-Majbari], chaired a meeting of the Presidency Council at the weekend, and appointed a new head of the intelligence services, and new ministers for economics and planning; some members have described the move as illegal.

(Sources: Reuters, Associated Press, Libya Herald)

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