Weekly Security Report by Janus Global Operations 20 December 2016

On the political front this reporting week, the United Nations special envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler made reference to the fact that the idea of reconfiguring and reconstructing the Presidential Council is on the table for discussion. He made further reference to proposed formulas, especially the (1+2) one, which is the President and two deputies. Martin Kobler added that there are no reservations against former figures of the Gaddafi regime and stated that ‘’if no Gaddafi figure was involved in crimes, then there is no reason as to why they can’t join the political process in Libya’’. Finally, he highlighted that it is important to include all tribes and sects as the process is complicated and everyone should be involved.

The UN secretary Ban Ki Moon has once again urged all parties in Libya to join efforts to find a consensual solution to the countries ongoing crisis. He further went on to say that he was cautious that the slow pace of implementation of the agreement has not brought the much needed stability to the country and therefore he urged those that are not currently engaged in the process to join the efforts. The secretary General went on to reiterate that ‘’the UN will continue to accompany the process and support the Libyan people’’.

On Saturday, the Government of National Accord (GNA) leader Fayez Seraj appeared on a televised broadcast and announced officially the end of Military Operations in Sirte. This came two weeks after a large-scale assault brought the city under the full control of forces loyal to the internationally recognised government.

Seraj made a further statement ‘’the battle for Sirte is over but the war against terrorism in Libya is not finished’’ once again, Seraj called upon all factions and military forces to unite under ‘’one Single Army’’ inviting different political parties in Libya to work together to resolve the issues facing the country.

Whilst in the west, a pipeline in the Rayaina district of Zintan city, that can transport over 400,000 barrels of oil per day from the two western fields partially opened during after being closed for over two years. However, The National Oil Company (NOC) blocked the relaunch due to militias in the area threatening to block the petroleum from reaching the market.

Eastern commander of the Operation Dignity Forces and loyal to the House of Representatives (HoR) Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar visited Algiers in a last grasp attempt for support for Military rule in Libya. Haftar met with the minister of Maghreb and African affairs, Abdelkader Messahel. It was reported that during the meeting, the Algerian Minister reaffirmed his countries efforts to encourage the Libyan parties to reach a consensual agreement for the settlement of the crisis.

Power cuts have continued to plague the capital throughout the reporting week, with power cuts lasting up to eight hours in duration. However, the general Electricity Company (GECOL) stated that because Khoms power stations output had rose, then it is expected that this will reduce future power problems in the capital.

A two day was strike was carried out by the Brega Petroleum truck drivers, demanding that security within the capital to be increased. This strike caused the local people to panic and buy fuel which further lead to high traffic congestion throughout Tripoli.

In the east at least seven people were killed and eight wounded when a suicide bomber targeted forces loyal to the HoR. Daesh claimed responsibility for carrying out the attack on the besieged district of Ganfouda. Ganfouda is believed to be one of the last pockets of resistance holding out against the Libyan National Army It was reported that the attack came after the latest advance on the area by LNA forces and after they had taken control of buildings along the seafront west of Ganfouda.


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