Int'l Community Hails Defeat of IS in Sirte

The United Nations has congratulated the Presidency Council, the Albunyan Almarsous (ABAM) forces and the Libyan people for their victory over the Islamic State in Sirte. This victory is a major step forward in liberating Libya from terrorism, ending the days of the Islamic State controlling territory in the country.

Martin Kobler, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), said:

Defeating terrorism throughout Libya benefits all Libyans. I pay tribute to the Libyans who have sacrificed their lives for this common cause. My sincere condolences to their families and I wish those injured a speedy recovery.

“Libyans should remain vigilant in the face of terrorism. I call on Libyans to seize this opportunity to promote national reconciliation and push ahead with the implementation of the interim security arrangements. This requires the integration and rehabilitation of fighters and weapons’ collection to give way to a professional security apparatus with a unified command.

A spokesperson for the European Union said the liberation of Sirte from Daesh represents a significant step forward for Libya.

"We congratulate the Libyans for their efforts in this regard and pay tribute to those who have died in the fight against terrorism. The EU stands ready to provide support to Sirte’s inhabitants. The fight against terrorist groups in Libya is not yet over and all Libyans need to unite in this fight ...

"We expect all parties to refrain from violence and from the use of military means aimed at forcing a unilateral solution to Libya's political crisis. Recent waves of violence, like the one in Tripoli recently, as well as irresponsible statements calling for armed confrontation, will risk endangering the process of building a stable, secure and prosperous Libya for its citizens."

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also congratulated Prime Minister Serraj and the Libyan forces in defeating Daesh in Sirte:

"I pay tribute to the commitment and sacrifice of those Libyans who have lost their lives or have been wounded defeating Daesh in Sirte, Benghazi and in other parts of the country. The UK stands ready with the UN and international community to help rebuild Sirte and other conflict zones in Libya.

"I call on all parties to resolve their differences through dialogue and national reconciliation and to avoid threats of force or resort to armed conflict at all cost."

(Sources: UN, UK FCO, EU)

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