Training Programme for New Generation of Libyan Leaders

In partnership with Libyan authorities and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Transition fund, the African Development Bank (AfDB) will launch "Tamayoz - Libya Leading the Way" Leadership programme.

Tamayoz - meaning distinction and uniqueness in Arabic - has been designed to strengthen leadership at the decision-making levels of the public sector, private sector, and civil society in Libya. The programme will offer trainings to current and future Libyan leaders, emphasising core leadership skills to improve collaboration between decision makers.

With a main objective to support a new generation of Libyan leaders to contribute to the process of stabilising and reconstructing the country, this programme is aligned with the priorities of the AfDB's 2014-2016 country re-engagement note for Libya. It is also aligned with its High 5s development agenda on improving the living conditions of Africans, by building the capacity of Libya's own leaders to manage the on-going transition.

About Tamayoz:

Tamayoz is a leadership programme designed around different tools of tutoring, comprising online learning modules and residential trainings. The online learning will enable participants to build their core leadership skills through the Foundational Leadership course, followed by the second phase of Sector Specific trainings designed to address needs within each of the target sectors.

The 12 weeks programme will encourage peer-to-peer learning and experience sharing between participants across Libya.

The residential training programme - which will be attended by the highest achieving 250 participants - will build strong interactive relationships between participants from each of the target sectors through a series of workshops and activities designed to reinforce and build on the online leadership courses. International public figures as well as distinguished and eminent speakers will be invited to participate and share their experiences of leading change, leading people and inspiring excellence in contexts relevant to the target sectors and to the experiences in Libya.

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