Forum in Malta on Business Opportunities in Libya

Malta's Economy Minister, Chris Cardona, has addressed a business networking forum jointly organized by the Libyan Africa Investment Portfolio (LAIP) and the Libyan Maltese Chamber of Commerce.

According to a report from The Malta Independent, the Minister said:

[The Forum] is designed to promote commercial and business relationships amongst organisations and businesses around the Mediterranean region, through a unique networking forum concept.

Each event will centre on one particular topic and in view of the fact that the launch of the Forum this year, will be coinciding with the visit to Malta of a high level delegation from the Libyan British Business Council (LBBC), the topic  of the Forum will revolve around Libya's future potential for business opportunities.

The forum is to become an annual event.

(Source: The Malta Independent)

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  1. YouMosbah 13th December 2016 at 7:59 am #

    To whom it may concern
    Libya is not in place and time to do business with Malta or any European country as long as all of these countries participated in destroying Libya since 2011 up to date. To do business and business relations there must be two sides both with full acceptance and freedom and both having the power to exchange trade and services. Libyan organizations privet (nongovernmental) and governmental are both dead as a result of intervention of Europe and America. Hundreds of small companies and organizations from both sides lost good work and good business in Libya due to political banana and crazy actions applied on Libya and Libyan people. Now all these countries including Turkey and other Arabic states are looking to Libya as milking cow and all are behind Libya big wealth of oil, gas and gold. We Libyans know very well what France is doing in the south of Libya, we all know the smuggling of gasoline by Maltese and smuggling groups , we Libyans know of the billions of dollars stolen by western banks and governments, we Libyans know about all agendas of all of you and most of all we know thousands of youths of Libyans are killed and thousands of Libyans become refugees and homeless .. if you really want business then first of all apologize to the Libyans and return back all the Libyan wealth and money and rebuild Libya which you destroyed and after that we will make business other wise keep away and left your hands of Libya and we will recover by our selves .. Libya will be the turning point in history for you ... Wait and see!!! .. no business no relations as long as you people do not respect human rights and do not respect and feel guilty towards Libya and Libyan people ... We are peaceful people and we would like to build great strong relations with all European and other countries in the world but …..?

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