Tender for Sludge Treatment at Azzwiya Oil Refinery

The Azzawiya Oil Refining Company (ARC) has invitated local and international companies specializing in the field of treatment of oily waste sludge, and that are capable and competent to execute the required works outlined below.

Such companies should present their profile with all required documents as per the terms and conditions for the purpose of evaluation and prequalification to the ARC Tenders Committee at the Headquarters of Azzawiya Refinery, 45 km to the west of Tripoli, Libya.

Based on that, suitable qualified companies will be nominated to participate in the project bid as follows:

Project Title: Treatment of oily waste sludge

Scope of Works:

  1. Carry out and start the treatment of the whole quantity of oily waste sludge contained in the waste oil ground pit with all necessary heating, recirculation, chemical dosing or by other alternative modern and automated method as per approved treatment procedure.
  2. Carry out all preparations of loading and transferring of the recovered oils (Bs&W ≤ 1%) to the existing crude tanks or to the existing fuel oil tanks by discharging the recovered oils into road tanker using centrifugal pumps, including supply and carrying out piping system to achieve loading and transfer. (Prior to transfer commencement, samples of the recovered oils shall be subjected to analytical tests to approve the fulfillment of their specifications).
  3. Carry out loading, transportation by a transfer trolley and dispose the hydrocarbon free sediments (which has less than 5% content of non toxic disposal and considered and certified as clean sediments) to a landfill area specified by ARC.
  4. Carry out transferring and dispose the recovery water (HC content < 10ppm) to existing API separator by discharging the recovered water into road tanker using centrifugal pumps, including supply and carrying out piping system to achieve transfer and disposal.

Required Documents

The presenter shall furnish the following:

  1. Business licenses as per applicable legislations in Libya.
  2. A recent certificate proving the payment of local taxes.
  3. The company’s financial statement in addition to its balance-sheet and its final accounts for the last 3 years, after being approved and stamped by a legal auditor.
  4. A list of the works being carried out by the company at present as well as its previous experience in similar works, accompanied with completion certificates and also any other works.
  5. The company’s organizational chart and a list of its job-titles.
  6. A list of the company’s technical man-power and their cv’s and its equipment.
  7. A description of the company’s headquarters and branch offices in Libya, with phone and fax numbers, in addition to its website and email addresses.
  8. The company’s sub-contractor/s (if any).
  9. A letter of guarantee provided by the mother company if such company is an affiliate to another company, or a joint-venture thereof.

Therefore, such companies that have the desire to participate will have to submit by hand a complete file with all above-mentioned documents to the Chairman of the Tenders Committee, Azzawiya, Libya before 15/12/2016, provided that a copy of such Announcement is presented, duly signed and stamped by the participated company.


  1. This prequalification invitation shall not be deemed as an invitation to the mentioned bidding. Hence, it shall not obliged to the ARC, in any case, to issue the Specifications and Conditions Document, and to invite or include any of the participants in the prequalification on the final list of the companies that will be invited to participate in the mentioned bidding, taking into consideration that the ARC reserves its absolute right on its sole part to reject any of such companies, and its decision will then be considered as final and not subject to appeal.
  2. The Invitation to Bid and the issue of the Tender Document shall be exclusive to the prequalified companies that will be nominated in accordance with the prequalification results.
  3. The presenter shall be fully responsible for all expenses related to their company profile; hence ARC shall not be liable for any such expenses.

In case you have any queries, please email us at ARC e-mail [email protected], or you can also contact the Tenders Committee at the following numbers

Phone: +218 21 361 0539 – Extension: 5512

Fax: +218 23 7628670

(Source: NOC)

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